Dear Clients,

We are happy to announce that Labels Inc. will re-open its doors as of Tuesday May 12th.

Adapting to the new reality we are slowly emerging to, includes an appointment-based service as well as a brand new webshop.

By visiting you will not only be able to browse through our most recent selection of designer clothes at your own pace, you will also get to book your appointment with us.

So whether you are a client or a supplier, by clicking on the ‘appointment’ button in the menu, simply select the reason for your visit as well as the date and time that is most convenient for you to stop by.

Keep in mind however that we can only accommodate a limited amount of people in our store at the same time, in order to guarantee a safe shopping experience for all.

Like most businesses, we are still testing the waters and doing our best to navigate through a situation that is new to all of us. That is why we will remain closed on Mondays, for now.

So until further notice we will be doing things slightly differently at Labels Inc., but rest assured that we are still very much dedicated to the high standards of recent designer clothing you have become accustomed to throughout the years. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for standing by us on this journey towards the unknown.

Labels Inc. Team