SAM (or Series of Aesthetic Manufacturing) is a Belgian brand that creates modular accessories. Series 2, 2021, is a series of leather belt bags. Each bag can be worn in multiple ways and has a detachable ceinture. We offer bags that transform with you and your needs, so they can be enjoyed endlessly. 

Sam is the life project of Eline. It functions as a role-model, guidance and a mentality that is being shaped by the interesting people in her path and is, most importantly, an ongoing discovery. 

How did Sam start? Why bags? Experimentation and following my creative instinct led me to creating something I very much needed. A bag. I rebelled against having a handbag and had a hard time identifying with brands out there. But I had to keep my things into one place, so I created my own “chaos organiser” that became Sam’s first bag.

Sam’s aesthetic is formed by balancing out function and an aesthetical response, classical and modern design, femininity and masculinity … For future series, Sam dreams about working with other material, shapes and objects. 

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