My work addresses the numerical self, questions the systems of the virtual world, and portrays the identity of the digital generation. As an artist, I have visions for the digital world and use them to develop new work processes, materials and forms.Data has been the focus of my work for 8 years. The book Einstein’s Veil by Anton Zeilinger

(Austrian quantum physicist) changed my view of the world in 2013. As a student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, I began to see our reality built purely from data.

How has our identity changed with the internet and computers? What if we could send each other like an email? Flora examines such questions not only through storytelling and material experiments. She also develops her own software and experiments with technologies such as 3D scanning, 3D printing, laser cutting, machine learning and generative design to challenge the role of the fashion designer today and to get closer to the idea of ​​the ‘digital self’.

Flora presents her artistic garments as performative experiences in which music, space and movement become a conceptual part of the body-worn creations.

She presents these seasonal collections during Paris couture week since 2018.

Flora grew up in a family of artists and musicians, where she developed her skills as a painter. After graduating with a Masters in Fashion Design from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2014, she worked as a freelancer for Iris Van Herpen. Flora’s works are taken up by the international art world (e.g. permanent exhibition “The Language of Fashion” at MKG Hamburg, “Show Off” at MAK Vienna, “Making Fashion Sense” at HEK Basel), pieces are collected by museums and individuals. She has received international awards for her creations.

*Flora Miranda, born in Salzburg, is a visual artist and fashion designer based in Antwerp and Vienna.

Flora Miranda